3rd   Charlie Smith                           

Pittsfield FSC Basic Skills Competition Results

Sunday February 4, 2018


Snowplow Sam Group 1                         

1st place     Bailee Potts        

2nd place     Brynn McDonough        


Basic Snowplow Sam Group2

1st place    Jwonatane Nicolas                                

2nd place    Maija Raymond

3rd place    Charlie Smith


Basic 1                             

1st place      Naleigha Solis

Basic 2                             

1st place    Bella Kennedy

2nd place    Bella Potts

Basic 3

1st place    Katelynne Williams

Basic 4

1st place    Maya Kaufman

2nd place    Brielle Winters

3rd place    Lourdez Perry

4th place    Taryn Bannon

Basic 5

1st place    Starr Hassan

Freeskate 1

1st place    Cassandra Morano

2nd place    Zoe Ruth Brizan

Pittsfield FSC Basic Skills Competition Results

Sunday February 4, 2018


Snowplow Sam                                   Basic 1

1st place    Bailee Potts                    1st place    Naleigha Solis

2nd place    Jwonatane Nicolas

Basic 2                                             Basic 3

1st place    Bella Potts                    1st place    Arianna Roots

2nd place    Bella Kennedy                        


Basic 4                                                Basic 5

1st place    Maya Kaufman                1st place    Starr Hassan

2nd place    Brielle Winters

3rd place    Lourdez Perry

4th place    Taryn Bannon                    


Free Skate 1

1st place    Cassandra Morano

2nd place    Zoe Ruth Brizan

3rd place    Cecile Daly

4th place    Ava Barber





Avery Ball Basic 4 and ½ Basic 5
Taryn Bannon Basic 2
Ava Barber Basic 5 and Basic 6
Zoe Ruth Brizan Basic 5
Charlotte Buckley Basic 1
Eve Colombari Basic 5
Taea Cunagin Basic 1
Cecile Daly Basic 4
Isla DiMassimo Basic 1
Emma Dinicola Basic 1
Anastasia Dominguez Basic 1
Jason Droshen Basic 4 and ½ Basic 5
Camille Essien Snowplow Sam 1
Carmen Essien Snowplow Sam 1
Ada Fowler Snowplow Sam 1 and 2
Mia Fowler Basic 1
Ava Ferris Snowplow Sam 2 and 3
Amelia Coco Gilardi Basic 1
Star Hassan Basic 4
Bella Kennedy Basic 1
Kiera Kristensen Basic 1, 2, and 3
Adelina Scalise –Lampiasi Basic 1
Brooke Lange Basic 1
Lauren Lange Basic 2
Emma Lyman Basic 6 and FreeSkate 1
Maya Kaufman Basic 2 and 3
Meadow Krawczyk Snowplow Sam 1
Willow Krawczyk Basic 1
Aurora Lenehan Basic 1
Ronan MacDonald Basic 1
Sophia Mahoney Basic 2
Ashlynn Maintz
Avery Manion Basic 6
Elizabeth Mazzeo Snowplow Sam 1
Brynn McDonough Snowplow Sam 1, 2
Cassandra Morano Basic 6
Katrina Morano Snowplow Sam 2
Amanda Mularski Basic 1 and 2
Angela Mularski Basic 1 and 2
Eric Nuciforo Basic 1
Claire O’Brien Basic 3
Calla Paulson Basic 1
Marley Perras Basic 1
Lordez Perry Basic 2
Yasieanna Petell Basic 1
Angelina Pierce Basic 2
Remi Perrault Basic 4
Bailee Kueppers-Potts Snowplow Sam 1
Bella Kueppers-Potts Basic 2
Zugey Richardson Snowplow Sam 3
Arianna Roots Basic 1
Lily Rotenberg Basic 1
Rosie Rotenberg Basic 1
Sophia Riva Snowplow Sam1
Ella Saupe Basic 3
Heidi Saupe Basic 3
Charlie Smith Snowplow Sam 1
Ivy Steiner Basic 1
Leah Wallace Basic 1
Jacob Williams Basic 1
Katelyn Williiams Basic 1
Brielle Winters Basic 4
Katarina Witruk Snowplow Sam 1
Betty Zhang Snowplow Sam 1 and 2

CONGRATULATIONS : To all our Basic Skills skaters for their dedication and hard work during the 2016-2017 season  and their accomplishments in passing badges as listed below.

Intro to Skating –

Basic skills, Hockey or Snowplow Sam lessons for 5 weeks.  This is a good way to try skating out. Ability to continue for the full season but may not be able to participate in the show.

Students in Intro to Skating will receive a punch card with their start and end dates indicated. 

16 Melville Street, Pittsfield, MA 01201

Basic Skills – Lessons focus on the basic elements of figure skating using correct technique. Beginner skaters will learn balance, strength, coordination, gliding and stopping.  Groups continue in 6 levels and progress to stroking forward and backward, turns, crossovers, edges, spins, low level jumps and more.  Lesson time 25 minutes with free skate time 20 minutes.  Season is the beginning of October through the beginning of March with end of year show.

Basic Skills Short season – Lessons are the same as Basic Skills regular season, but for those not interested in the annual show.  Season ends the beginning of February.

Basic Skills Sessions

A 10 minute free skate starts each session. The skater will then be in a 25 minute group lesson. After the lesson, the skater will have 10 min free skate. Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the sessions starts. 

PFSC recommends all parents stay & enjoy watching your child skate, however, children 10 years old & youngerMUST have an adult present at all times!


The minimum age of a skater to be enrolled in the PFSC is 4 years old.


Helmets are STRONGLY recommended for beginning skaters.  All Learn to Skate Skaters are encouraged to wear them. Helmets are to be provided by the skater.


Skate Rentals are available to members of the PFSC for a maximum of 3 lessons at no cost. Children learning how to skate need their own skates.

If you need any additional information you can email:
Tracy Fancher at

Learn to Skate with Pittsfield Figure Skating Club!
PFSC is a proud member of US Figure Skating's Learn to Skate program.

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