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Officers/Executive Committee

Officers/Executive Committee

President:   Tracy Kipp, 
Vice President:  Denise Gillette
Secretary:   Mary Talbot
Treasurer:  Cherie Pierce,​   413-443-8240

 Board of Governors

Learn to Skate: Gretchen Ball,

Membership Chair: Mary Talbot, 
Media/Publicity:  Katie Malone-Smith, 
Pro Liaison/ Rules and Ice:  Tracy Fancher, 413-446-5762
Show:  Tracy Kipp,

Apprentice: Amy MacDonald, 413-443-5453
Safe Sport Chair : Amy MacDonald, 413-443-5453

Competition: Jamie Bannon,

Adult Skating Liaison: Katie Malone-Smith, 

Hospitality /Volunteer Coordinator: Holly Viola,

The Pittsfield FSC