Our Coaching Staff

​In order to observe or teach on ice you must be at least 16 and have 
liability insurance in force. Renewals of insurance, USFS coaches 
registration, PSA membership, USFS membership all renew on July 1. Since this takes a few weeks to become a registered coach ( a Cori check) please start the registration process in early June . If you plan to teach students at tests and competitions you must pass 3 CER courses by July 1.

Professional Instructors for private and semi private lessons:

Tracy Fancher   tjfancher27@gmail.com
Amy MacDonald   avnmacdonald@gmail.com
Brianna Sportbert  bsporbert@gmail.com

Alice O’Connor   alice.oconnor@aol.com   

Jeanne Scholder Smith   Jeanne.s1993@icloud.com

Professional Instructors for Learn to Skate:

Tracy Fancher   tjfancher27@gmail.com
Amy MacDonald   avnmacdonald@gmail.com

Jeanne Scholder Smith   Jeanne.s1993@icloud.com

​Rachel Gillette rgillette1206@gmail.com

Melisa Krystof melisadavis15@gmail.com

Bridget McKeever

Daniella Santamarina daniellasantamarina@gmail.com

Please be courteous and contact your pro if you will be late or missing your lesson.


The Pittsfield FSC